Stefan Joset

I am 64 years old and already retired. I live in Switzerland in a village near Basel, where I grew up. I have been a collector for as long as I can remember. It started with postage stamps, collected all advertising art from banana labels to beer mats and over the years it has all taken up way too much space. That's why I reduced my collections and now specialize only in Swiss matchbooks, Swiss chocolate wrappers and Liebig pictures (trade cards).
In my free time, I am still in charge of the Swiss Match Museum and mainly take care of sorting, archiving and cataloging our collection and exhibits. In addition, I take care of the homepage and organize the international exhibition Phillonex every year.

Tema: Séries de Carros Antigos, Balões, Selos e Uniformes Militares
Theme: Series of Vintage Cars, Balloons, Stamps and Military Uniforms

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