Robert Burns (Al-Razee Anonnya)

My name is Al-Razee Anonnya, I'm much known to the matchbox collectors as "Robert Burns", a nickname that has been stuck to me over the years. I collect from March, 2018. I collect anything related to matchboxes. Right now, I have over 10,000 different matchboxes and over 16,000 different labels. I come from Bangladesh. We have an international organization for matchbox collectors in Bangladesh which is named as "Bangladesh Matchbox Collectors' Club (BMCC). I'm working as the joint general secretary there. It's going to be my 13th international exhibition. From BMCC, we publish souvenir matchboxes frequently on different topics. I'm a part of the team which orchestrates that event. I usually provide ideas on different topics and write miniature histories on those topics which are depicted on the back surface of the matchbox. For this exhibition by the Portuguese Phillumeny Club, I'm going to exhibit some Swedish, Czech, Indian and Yugoslavian labels from my collection.

Tema: Etiquetas da Suécia, República Checa, Índia e Jugoslávia
Theme: Swedish, Czech, Indian and Yugoslavian Labels

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